America’s Most Hated Companies


In May 2017 consumer credit reporting agency Equifax was infiltrated by criminal hackers, exposing the personal information of 145 million Americans.

For years Monsanto has been under fire for the use of harmful chemical products and GMOs that pose grave public health threats.

The NFL has been criticized by its fans for the lack of concussion protocol and its recent politicization during games national anthems.

In 2017 ride sharing app Uber was slammed with problems, ranging from sexual harassment claims to reoccurring issues with former CEO Travis Kalanick.

The past year has shown that Americans who disapprove of President Donald Trump also dislike anything and everything associated with his name.

Mobile provider Sprint ranks behind all competitors in network performance, speed and overall reliability. The company has only risen 4% in customer satisfaction from 2016.

In mid-2107 Wells Fargo announced that its employees created 3.5 million fake customer accounts and falsely charged hundreds of thousands of customers for their own mistakes.

The Fox Entertainment Group was also riddled with sexual harassment allegations in 2017, which led to the cancellation of the popular “The O’Reilly Factor” show.

Department store giant Sears had the lowest customer satisfaction score out of all department stores and only 28% of employees would recommend the job to a friend.