Are The New COVID Variants More Deadly?

  The UK, South African and Brazilan variant of the coronavirus have all been found in the US. What does this mean? Are they more dangerous? Dr. Padmini Pillai, an...

College Sports: To Play or Not to Play?

  The heart of a town is its sports teams, the pandemic stopped them from beating. We talk to Ryan Gasser, the Assistant Director of Athletics and Dixie Jeffers the women's...

The Future Of The Coronavirus

Looking forward to a widely vaccinated world, we ask what we can expect of COVID-19 in the coming years. Will the virus resemble the common cold or the seasonal...

Does Vaccination Mean Eradication?

How long will the COVID-19 vaccine last? How many people need to receive the vaccination to keep the vulnerable safe? When can life return to normal? We put the...

3 Free Ways to Feel Better Right Now

Feeling better especially at a time like this is important.

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