COVID-19: Podcaster Laura Robbins

  Laura Cathcart Robbins, the creator, and host of 'The Only One In The Room' podcast discusses her experience of being 'othered'. Her and co-host Scott Slaughter share their story.

Walmart Is Making Some Big Changes

Walmart is receiving praise for its many big changes. Watch the video above for more details!  

Running Out Of Aluminum

Many chose to stock up on beer before the pandemic, causing a shortage in aluminum. Watch the video above for more details!  

Obesity A Security Threat?

  America's obesity problem is more than just a health problem. A new report says it threatens national security. Check out the video above to find out more!

Vermont The First State To Require Composting

Vermont is now the first state to legally require composting from its citizens. Watch the video above for more details!

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