Drugs laced with Bug Spray Produce Zombie-like Effects



Health officials in Indianapolis say they are seeing a big spike in the number of people overdosing on a street drug that is mixed with heavy-duty bug spray.

Medics have said those who overdose on the street drug, called KD, are often found unresponsive and struggling to breathe.

KD is a mix of either marijuana, tobacco, or the synthetic marijuana known as Spice, doused in a heavy-duty bug spray, like Raid.

Experts say the biggest problem about KD is how accessible bug spray is to anyone of any age.

In a statement, SC Johnson which manufactures bug sprays Raid and OFF!, said the effects reported in recent news accounts are “completely inaccurate.”

The statement goes on to say, “if these active ingredients were intentionally overused, we would not expect these types of symptoms.”

Authorities say they are investigating the cases to find the source of the drug.